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  • icosidodecaedro

    Icosidodecahedro, or icosidodecahedron. Polyhedron consisting of 120 equilateral triangles that make up pyramids with a triangular base and a pentagonal base

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  • corallo

    reproduction of coral mounted on tiled terracotta gloss turned base.

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  • camei grand tour intaglio

    composizione di camei di varie misure  inseriti in una cornice.

    medusa gorgone
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  • apollo

    The cameo glass paste with the representation of the god Apollo driving the chariot of the Sun precious object suitable to be embedded in a metal frame to make it a jewel of a truly refined taste. available in limited quantities and in various colors.

    40x28x2 mm

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  • trionfi di gorgonie bianche

    triumphs of the Mediterranean sea fans mounted on white plaster cast of hard-headed Gorgon in relief. objects of great beauty, reminiscent of the ancient collections of the Medici and Renaissance patrician families.

    trionfi di gorgonie bianche
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  • trionfo di gorgonia nera

    gorgonian black (black coral) natural base mounted in hard plaster gilt, and surrounded with shells on football. object of great beauty.

    trionfo di gorgonia nera
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  • piatti da collezione 1

    fedeli riproduzioni di antichi piatti "savona".  pezzi per collezionisti raffinati.

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  • trionfo di corallo bianco

    trionfo di corallo bianco con inclusioni di corallo rosso nativo

    trionfo di corallo bianco
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  • flowerpot

    pot fleur, flowerpot, vaso per fiori

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