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  • Airone

    Polychrome marble mosaic made with the ancient techniques of Roman culture

    Mosaico airone cinerino
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  • giglio fiorentino

    Mosaic ceramic polychrome Florentine lily inspired the iconography rinscimentale in particular to Benvenuto Cellini

    Tavolo giglio
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  • Cave canem

    Polychrome marble mosaic made with the ancient Roman techniques. inspired by an ancient mosaic came to light during the excavations at Pompeii. Latin version of our current beware of the dog.

    Attenti al cane
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  • mascherone

    With polychrome marble mosaic mask of theatrical character of the ancient classical Greek culture

    The etymology of the word "person" that we love so much and there is "substance". In ancient Greece was merely a mask covering the face of the actor to symbolize a feeling, a state of character or, soul.

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  • mosaico ramarro

    mosaic pieces of pottery decorated. big lizard, monitor lizard, the centro.mi took the license of the animal in blue color.

    mosaico ramarro
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  • Octopus

    Roman-style mosaic depicting an octopus. also called octopus or squid. animal present in all the oceans of the world in various sizes and colors

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  • mosaico piovra

    mosaic with the ancient Roman techniques of polychrome marble tiles inspired by the ancient mosaics unearthed during the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

    mosaico piovra
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  • Medusa Gorgone

    realzzato polychrome marble mosaic with the techniques of the ancient Romans. represents a Gorgon / Medusa, inspired by the classic iconography

    Gorgone Medusa
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  • mosaico uccellino

    bird with polychrome marble mosaic

    mosaico uccellino
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  • ginnaste

    Reduced copy of the mosaic of the Roman Villa of Casale, in the province of Enna, dating from the fourth century AD, the part where the athletes are represented in the gym playing a part in a race at the Circus Maximus in Rome

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  • capra pesce

    capra pesce
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  • mosaico onde e delfini

    polychrome marble mosaic made with the ancient mosaic techniques.

    article is not immediately available. we realize it on order of size on customer demand.

    mosaico delfini
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  • mosaico stile opus sectile

    mosaic tiles rough split of colorful marble about 2x2 cm. design inspired by a classic pattern of ancient Roman opus sectile is often expressed with the interlayer of diamonds and triangles bounding a large internal field more generally monochromatic. this mosaic in particular we have designed a fountain as a backdrop, but it would be suitable in many other contexts, including the inputs of showers or floors or more.

    mosaico opus sectile
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  • mosaico cesto del Caravaggio

    mosaic made of polychrome marble and natural stone on the inspiration of the famous painting by Caravaggio.

    mosaico cesto del Caravaggio
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  • mosaico onde

    mosaic inspired by the ancient Greek mosaics.

    mosaico onde
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  • grifoni

    mosaic tiles of polychrome marbles completely cleaved by hand. 2 griffins

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  • Sola Gratia

    mosaico in marmi policromi . eterna lotta tra il bene e il male, tra la luce e il buio, tra la conoscenza e l'ignoranza

    sola gratia
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  • uccello romano

    mosaico in marmi e pietre policrome , copia di originale romano.

    uccello romano
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  • mosaico massonico

    mosaico a forma di lunetta ispirato a temi massonici

    mosaico massonico
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  • mosaico di polpo, octopus, piovra

    mosaico in stile romano di octopus circondato da onde policrome.

    polipo onde
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  • tavolo in opus sectile

    tavolo in marmo realizzato su ispirazione di un celebre pavimento di una sauna a villa Adriana a Tivoli

    tavolo in opus sectile
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  • mosaico aragosta

    mosaico in stile classico con aragosta. bianco e nero

    mosaico aragosta
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  • grande mosaico polpo octopus

    grande mosaico octopus e onde

    grande mosaico octopus
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